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Final sketch


Client wanted the classic car/Coke ad where everyone is always smiling. I added value to the final sketch to set the tone.

ITRVM Book Cover, initial sketches

50’s car ad, was the direction. These were my initial concepts. Dynamic view of the 56′ Pontiac, Super Chief, and the characters of book, overlooking vista in the background.

Foothill Gold Line – preparation



Preparation in Illustrator amounted to setting up perspective and vanishing points. One of the things you notice around the foothill area is that nothing is flat, everything is rolling – and in all directions. Arching a vanishing point wasn’t something I’d ever had the opportunity to consider, but it adds a very different dynamic. There’s also a slight third vanishing point at the bottom, this get’s a little tricky because they go well beyond the canvas area and are hard to access. Setting up this system of line work took 3 or 4 hours but will speed the process of creating the straight and arched polygons for all the man made elements in the illustration thanks to smart guides!

Foothill Gold Line – detail sketch



Before attacking this in Illustrator, I needed a detail of this very complicated piece of architecture from a birds eye view. The Claremont station, or Depot, listed on the national registry, was designed by Santa Fe architect William H. Mohr and built in 1927. The 35 foot tower facades feature concrete Churrigueresque that rise to form parapets above the roofline. It took about 12 hours to create this detail, this is gonna be a nightmare!

Foothill Gold Line – final sketch

The bridge was settled as a main feature in the preliminary sketches, it’s design established with the renovation of the bridge that crosses Santa Anita Avenue in Arcadia, will be repeated in this new section this poster is commemorating, from Glendora to Montclair. With the p.o.v. of the bridge secured here, the historical Claremont station and iconic clock were chosen as the other main features for the middle ground. Some tone was added in photoshop to set the value and light direction for the finish.

Foothill Gold Line – preliminaries


There were six preliminary sketches, we decided this one represented the direction we would take. I had to use the orange crate label design used in the previous posters which included the cluster of oranges in the bottom corner. The elements that were decided that had to be included were, Citrus College, City of Glendora, University of La Verne, Claremont Colleges, the Fairplex, the Montclair Transcenter and at least one of the cities historical stations.